Unlock the full potential of your website with our comprehensive SEO strategy and roadmap.

You, your business and your website are unique! Therefore your SEO roadmap and strategy should be unique. However, these are the basic tasks over 12 months to assist you grow your online footprint.

Month 1: Onboarding

This process involves an exchange of a lot of sensitive information!  It can feel like a huge act of faith – on both sides.

You, the client, are giving us access to your Google Analytics, the backend of your website, your processes and probably a ton of other info about your business.  You have taken a leap of faith and thank you for entrusting us with your baby. 

We will give you a NDA to sign so your secrets are safe with us. From there we will supply additional paperwork that will talk about expectations, secure access/login info, ask more questions,  benchmark your site, do extensive competitors analysis, set up templates, establish a reporting schedule, and look at your goals to mention but a few of the tasks.  Depending on your package this can take up to 60 hours for us to do.

Month 2: Audits, Reporting & Implementation

With feedback meetings in place and reports scheduled.  We start to delve into the data!

We need to make sure that all the necessary accounts are set up and functioning superbly for reporting.  We want to share with you what we are seeing and what we are busy with.  Once the technical SEO audit is complete, we will prioritise and start focusing on your site’s health. Again depending on your package with us, this can take up to 60 hours.


MONTH 3: Keyword research, pillar content & content calendar

You have seed keywords, you have big keywords, you have long-tail keywords and you might have gaps in your content for untapped keywords. We are going to map it with your current content.  If you don’t have a content calendar already then we can assist you with a template based on what we are seeing.  Get ready to do some content creation!  We will continue to report on  and get your site healthy with technical SEO.  We will assess your hosting provider too.  Up to 40 hours.

month 4: implement content audit

Hello Content! With our keywords spreadsheet in hand, we are going to review your content. What is working, what isn’t, what can go, what can grow. Up to 40 hours.

month 5: implement technical seo 1.0

We love technical SEO! Either with the assistance of your web developer or on our own we begin to implement these recommendations.  Google’s page speed insights are full of good guidance.  Up to 40 hours.

month 6: implement technical seo 2.0

Technical SEO is a journey, not a shortcut.  With Month 5’s core web vital and page experience audits sorted – now we can go deeper. Up to 40 hours.


On-page SEO implementation starts here!  There are so many detailed resources online on how to go about doing this if anyone wants to find out more. Up to 40 hours.


Once discussed with you and with a plan in hand – let’s get your amazing content distributed out there. Up to 40 hours.

month 9: reputation management: content distribution

Google wants to rank you when you are credible. This is referred to as Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness which is known as E-A-T in the SEO world. Think of your reputation management to fall under this umbrella.  Up to 40 hours.

month 10: content distribution: social

If you aren’t already doing social media or even if you are – this is a fabulous time for us to boost some handpicked social media content with a little strategic thinking behind it. Up to 40 hours.

month 11: Content IMPLEMENTATION

Meetings, reviews, reports along site health improvements continue. Now is a great time to look at the next 12 months bearing in mind the last 10 months’ experience. A calendar with fresh ideas, new keywords and exciting content ideas for the year ahead. Up to 40 hours.

month 12: loop back better

Let’s review our progress – what won, what came in second place and what came in last – that’s how we learn and plan/move forward.  Are you going to rinse and repeat? Up to 40 hours.